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All Fired Up
All Fired Up by Morticia Knight

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Conflicted romance with dirty smexy sex is a great way to spend an afternoon relaxing. All Fired Up is part of a series and full disclosure, I read this book as a standalone. It can easily be read independent of the others in the series. After reading this one, readers will want to read the others in the series.

Shawn Everly is an officer working the Vegas Strip. He is a bona fide law enforcement officer even if he possesses the body of a Chippendale. When he crosses paths with fireman Trent Marshall, a spark ignites and the sexy time begins. Both Shawn and Trent are drool worthy. They are boy next door sweet and playgirl calendar hot. From a character design perspective, they are easy to understand and admirable. They are both likable and suffer the superhero syndrome. They believe they are invincible and can save the day, despite the perils of possibly dying.

The plot of this story is good and enjoyable. Ms. Knight does a nice job of adding a mystery to solve. The conflict is heartbreaking as Trent is not over the loss of his previous lover. The similarities between Shawn and Trent's former lover are too much for him to handle. Ms. Knight shows how people grieve, deny, obsess and finally overcome. Watching Trent spiral out of control and how his family and friends support him is lovely to witness. The comradery of the firemen in this book is appeal and great to see. It enhances the enjoyment of this book.

The sex in this book is delicious. For those who are looking for heavy kinky scenes, this is not the book for you. The sex is not exactly vanilla either, unless one considers shower sex and rough sex to be vanilla. There were no sex toys harmed in the telling of this tale. Kidding aside, the chemistry between the two men is good and arousing. This book is recommended to m/m lovers who want their men in and out of uniform.

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