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Brokered Submission
Brokered Submission by Claire Thompson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

D/s kinky romance lovers will enjoy Brokered Submission. Zoë is a smart business analyst who wants to broker a deal to show her business savviness to her boss. When a deal is jeopardized due to lack of funds, her reputation is on the line. Her knight in shining armor is not as she expected. He's a slick business man with unconventional methods of making deals. In addition, the strings he attaches to the funding money may be too steep for her to pay. Dylan is a jaded dominant. Rich and bored, he decides to break his own rule, taking a vanilla girl and tying her up for his pleasure.

This BDSM story is pure romance delight. For female readers who fantasize about a more powerful man to sweep them off their feet and out of boring missionary sex, this story will meet those kinky desires. Ms. Thompson pens a sweet romance with the right amount of rich male dominance and stubborn submissive. The D/s in this story is sweet. The SM part is erotic and arousing. It's just the right ratio of a "seen it all" dominant and a "wide-eyed newbie" submissive. At one point, even Dylan's friend Louis points out the fascination for Zoë and how their group is experiencing kinky ennui.

“New sub infatuation,” Louis said knowingly. “Based on past experience, I predict you’ll be over her by the end of the week.” (pg. 81)

This is a Ms. Thompson story so a reader can expect a smexy romance with a tasty side of kink. The characters are easily relatable. The world building is set in a contemporary to make it easier for kinky readers to vicarious live through Zoë's whirlwind affair. The story will be quickly consumed with a reader wanting more. This Gateway to BDSM story is recommended to romance lovers who enjoy kinky erotica.

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