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Crash & Burn
Crash & Burn by Abigail Roux

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the end? Say it ain't so! It is and Ms. Roux takes a reader through an adrenaline pumping rollercoaster ride. Ty and Zane have been targeted for a while now. The Colombia cartel is biding its time to destroy them. Is Ty or Zane the target? And is it really the cartel after them? Who is friend and who is foe? This story is one complete FUBAR mess. With the remaining Sidewinders brought in to help clear Zane and Ty's name, all hell breaks loose.

This is a book filled with disappointments. Critical people who Ty and Zane cared for are not who they seem. It seems this dynamic duo are to be disappointed by betrayal after betrayal. Even Nick is forced to experience a low in his life where he is sorely disappointed. This book should be called Napalm not Crash and Burn. All their bridges are not just burned with a bit of fire, the guys use Napalm to burn it down. The sheer amount of destruction in this book is mind boggling. I'm exhausted just reading through the constant fight and flight scenes. There is no downtime in this story. Or what little downtime is allowed only begets a bigger fuck up. These guys are crazy and running on fumes. Even the sex is hyped up with fighting rough sex.

For a team of men who are special forces, they seem to be riding the special short bus in this book. Everything that can go wrong goes wrong. The high body count of collateral damage is astounding. It's as if Ms. Roux brings this series to an end with "Burn them, BURN THEM ALL!" After a couple of deaths, I'm numb with shock. I don't even know what to say as characters die off and one I would never guess would be hurt is brutally damaged beyond repair.

The loose threads from the previous books are now forcefully tied up and it's a bit jarring. I feel a bit anally violated and I'm not sure if I should complain or moan with pleasure. I love Ty and Zane and I've been following this series closely. I love seeing them in action. I love their chemistry. I love their wacky families and I specifically love Ty's grandpa with his shovel. It's just at one point, I want to beg for mercy and ask Ms. Roux to just let me lay down and rest for a bit while I catch my breath and make sense of it all. Because my world is turned upside down and I don't really like it. I also don't like what is revealed about Ty and Zane's dark ops they have completed over the years. My horror mirror's Ty's disbelief and pain. This book is brutal and yet I can't rate it anything less than a four because I thoroughly enjoyed it even as I cried in sorrow and loss. Ms. Roux brings a fiery action packed end to this series. For those who love shoot 'em and blow 'em up movies, this book is for you. Diehard Ty and Zane fans will enjoy this last hurrah which includes a little "Brick & Mortar" Easter egg. Recommended for m/m romance lovers who love fast and furious action and boys playing with bombs.

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Jayme said…
There are not enough stars in the world for his book! I absolutely loved it.
Caleb said…
though the series ended, Ty and Zane will remain in my heart forever. Sappy, yes. But these fictional characters gave my life more flavor than it has. Gonna miss those two. ♥ Thank you for a wonderful journey, Abigail! ♥
Sharon said…
I agree!! 5 stars wouldn't be enough!! Plus, after reading and re reading and re reading this series, i was still floored my Nick's big confession and Zane's "con". I love these characters as if they are real people and will mourn their departure. Ms Roux, you have outdone yourself and continue to be one of my absolute favorites!!

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