Review: Darker Than Desire

Darker Than Desire
Darker Than Desire by Shiloh Walker

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fatal obsession is serious business in Darker than Desire. This is a story of pure heartbreak. Caine, the name David has been hiding behind for twenty years needs to be retired. David is a man tortured by his past and needed time to recover from the evils perpetrated upon him. When he takes on his real name again and shows his face around town, it kick starts a series of killings.

Ms. Walker creates a world of sorrow and suffering. The reader is thrown into a world of secrets and abuse. David's horrific history is slowly exposed in exacting precision, like a mortician performing an autopsy.  The cause of this cancerous poison is just as bad as the reader expects. Ms. Walker creates a riveting story with characters torn apart by their inner demons. David is a man who has lost so much. Yet even in the darkest of times, he still carries a glimmer of hope. The way he response to Sybil is a positive sign. Sybil is really who wins the heart of the readers as she is constantly there to support David and sees him for who he really is, not the mask he wears.

What I really like about this book is how clear David is with his intentions of violence. This unashamed declaration of what he will do is refreshing. Other than his fear of love, his other emotions and feelings are clearly expressed and there are no misunderstandings. The controlled rage he demonstrates is impressive and for someone like me, seductive and arousing.

The plot device in this story kept my attention. The red herring thrown in with the kills of the sadistic bastards threw me. Because killing of one person make me question if there was a secondary subplot. This story seemed to be disconnected threads which Ms. Walker pulls together and suddenly the picture is clear as day. The ending is fitting and so good. David comes through a rebirth, as a phoenix rises out of ashes. I loved it. Recommended to romance lovers who find beauty and hope in the midst of chaos and heartbreak.

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