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Emma's Corner
Emma's Corner by Carolyn Faulkner

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dark readers who enjoy body modification through piercing and tattoos, this is a book for you. Emma is a bit of a self-centered brat who behaves as a young adult would. She's naïve and is easily snookered. When she makes a choice which completely changes her life for the worse, it's when the story become disturbingly arousing.

This is book two in the Darkness Series. One can only hope there will be more in this series and that Ms. Faulkner and Ms. Hayse keeps the intensity and non-con situations. This one is a bit different than the first one in the series and just as good. There are so many BDSM Fantasy scenes to enjoy, it's hard to select just one.

It's impressive how the two authors are able to blend their unique styles into a cohesive and smooth tale. A reader can't tell who wrote which part because each scene blends into the next. In this plot, there is a bit of stretch to it with nanobots and biochemical warfare. Since I'm a sci-fi nut, this worked well for me. The torments and sexual tortures Emma experiences at the hands of a mad-scientist is deliciously depraved. Jack Robbins, her benefactor turned captor does have ulterior motives which Emma learns a bit too late. The intense discipline Emma suffers under Jack is definitely spank-worthy for those who enjoy a sadistic non-con sexual slavery.

The ending came all too swift. I wish there were at least a few sadistic sexual scenes between Emma and her vindictive aunt. Perhaps in the next series, there will be more f/f forced lesbian play. What would really trip my trigger is if the woman sold into sexual slavery is older and suffers at the hands of a spoiled younger female. Now wouldn't that be degrading and humiliating? Recommended to non-con lovers who enjoy the dark and wicked.

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