Review: Half a Dose of Fury

Half a Dose of Fury
Half a Dose of Fury by Zenina Masters

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

More like half a dose of story, not half a dose of fury. Where is the rest of this story? Ms. Masters is becoming more of a tease with these books. I'm still hooked like a crack addict looking for my next hit. Yval is a shifter who is committed to the fight against slavery of shifters. She's so committed, she turns herself into a monster through magic. She doesn't care because all she wants to do is right the injustice. Even if this means her animal refuses to come out after her rather extreme body modification.

There is much more to Yval which seems left unexplored. Her meeting with Drorik at the Crossroads is not fate. They work together and Drorik is interested in her, regardless of what any seer may foresee. Fortunately for them, their chemistry is hot and furious. The two rumble and tumble in the forest and in the bed. It's sexy, primal and good. Just as the reader wants to learn more, the story ends! What on earth? Especially since Ms. Masters gives an additional little nugget of knowledge about fey and shifter mating, this abrupt ending leaves a reader unsatisfied. She chucks in a new piece of information about cross species mating and runs. Does she think this will distract me?

I am eagerly looking forward to the next few books in these series. I'm even willing to wait for a longer period of time before they are published if we could have more world building and character development. I wish for more exploration of the new Crossroads. When do the Djinn finally show up for their hook up? So many questions and threads to answer and tie up. One can only hope the next few books in this series will reveal more information. Recommended for paranormal lovers who enjoy primal shifters challenging for dominance.

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