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Hero by Samantha Young

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Emotionally draining is how I feel after reading a Ms. Young book. I loved Hero. She hooked me in from the first chapter. The character development in her books is spectacular and I loved both Alexa and Caine. Her secondary characters are fabulous and enhance the story with humour.

Alexa Holland is a woman who believes she can make a difference in people's lives. She may have a smart-ass mouth but she also possesses a heart of gold. The way she endures and tries to help Caine Carraway see Alexa for herself, not her father is moving.

The premise of this story is very simple. The conflict in the story is presented with a sucker punch from the get go. The journey to forgiveness for Alexa and Caine is fraught with pain. Caine's passive aggressive manner as well as his sexual attraction for Alexa is frustrating at times. Still, a reader can't help but enjoy watching this drama play out.

From an erotic perspective, Ms. Young nails it with smoking hot sexual tension and naughty forbidden fruit. Caine and Alexa's chemistry is explosive and both of them are burned. Their playfulness as they explore their desire is another pleasing part to this erotic novel.

At the heart of this novel, is about a woman whose been passed up time and time again. She comes in second place for her mother, father, grandfather and now a lover. It seems she is forever the illegitimate daughter of a whore - unwanted and an embarrassment. This kind of slight is a death by ten thousand paper cuts. It's amazing Alexa is still as caring as she is, with all the disappointment she experiences. I like her spunk and even if I disagree with her forgiveness letter to her dead mother, she's still an admirable character and one I'd like to be friends with. Because she values friendships and she's loyal. Plus, one never knows what smart remark will come out tumbling out of her mouth.

“You know, some people are good at something and they don’t realize how good they are at it. It’s called being humble and modest.” [Alexa]

He [Caine] shook his head, grinning as he forced me back onto my back. “I’m neither of those things. It sounds boring.” (Kindle loc. 2701-2703)

The one thing about this book which threw me was the end. It feels like it came out of the left field and didn't enhance the story. If the odd tangent is cut out, it would have made the story better for me.

Ms. Young reminds me of a young Ms. Megan Hart. Her novels are filled with real people and passion. The characters are in situations which they either have to overcome and be a survivor or end up being a pitiful victim. Mostly, it's Ms. Young's ability to generate sorrow which reminds me of Ms. Hart. This erotic novel is highly recommended to romance lovers who enjoy angst.

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