Review: Kilted Tentacle Monster: A Search for True Love

Kilted Tentacle Monster: A Search for True Love
Kilted Tentacle Monster: A Search for True Love by Kit Tunstall

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Tentacle lovers, unite! This is a hilarious smexy story about a man with some extra "limbs" to help with the ladies. He is also Scottish with the sexy accent and he wears a kilt! Really, what more can an adventurous lady ask for in a lover?

Angus Buchanan is embarrassed about his alien ancestry. He's one of the few in his family who are a "throwback" gifted with tentacles down below. Obviously, Angus is unaware of women with a fetish for suction, double penetration and fisting. Those deviant slutty American females will screw anything with the right girth and length. The fact that the girth and length is variable under the male's control is even better.

Ms. Tunstall warns the reader this story blooms from a discussion (probably involving adult beverages) about monster erotica. Little does she know that there are avid fans of tentacle sex. This story is very sweet. Instead of tentacle horror, it's tentacle innocence as virginal Angus is ravished by a voracious marine biologist, Sasha. The humour in this short story is spot on. The characters are cute and the sex is hot. If this is what Ms. Tunstall pens on a lark, then her more serious work is a must read. I thoroughly enjoy her writing style which is filled with vivid imagery and humour. This is a tastefully written erotica recommended for romance lovers who like monogamy and triple penetration.

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Kit Tunstall said…
Thank you for the lovely review.
Hi Kit! You are welcome. I really enjoyed the book and wish for more!

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