Review: Kotori's Sacrifice

Kotori's Sacrifice
Kotori's Sacrifice by Dakota Trace

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sacrifice brings to mind pain, martyrdom and sorrow. In Kotori's sacrifice, there is pain and sorrow. It's a clash of cultures and lack of ability to be vulnerable which breaks a couple apart. Seba Havas loves his submissive, Akira. He trains and helps heal ones who are traumatized or "damaged'. Akira's damage is more through her daddy issues and Seba just doesn't get it. Why? Because Akira is unable to trust and communicate.

Whilst race isn't something I mention in a review, it does come into play for this book. Akira's Japanese background plus her rich upbringing explains her dysfunction. It seems like an easy thing to understand and overcome yet in reality, it is hard. It pushes Seba away. Perhaps it is true that absence does make a heart grow fonder.

This is the first Ms. Trace book which is just average for me. It's a quick read and enjoyable. The BDSM is erotic and pleasurable as to be expected from Ms. Trace. Akira and Seba just didn’t have the chemistry for me, which is a first. Every book I've read of Ms. Trace, the characters are what pulls me in. I'm moved and want to know more about them. For this one, Seba comes across as a tired dominant not willing to go the extra mile and figure out what went wrong with his relationship. He keeps expecting Akira to do something she can't do and he doesn’t figure out the why. He assigns his own reason to her inability. Akira may be traumatized, but it seems to be more Daddy issues and she needs a therapist. Or perhaps it's my own bias where I feel Akira should just grow up and not let someone else's issues dictate her happiness. I'm no stranger to "broken" submissives who need fixing themes. This one just didn't work for me.

Still, the story is well written. It flows at the right pace and the conclusion is satisfying. The plot devices are amusing and worked with the story. Recommended to kinky readers who enjoy a quickie and guaranteed happily ever after.

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