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Mob Mistress
Mob Mistress by Renee Rose

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Those who loves Soprano, The Bossman Series, is a kinky version of it with less killing and just as much family politics. Lexi is a tight spot. No matter what she does, she can't seem to get out from under her debt. When her best friend jokes about being a mistress to a rich man, Lexi is horrified and laughs it off. When Lexi is kicked out of her apartment due to missing rent too many times, her best friend takes matter into her own hands. Lexi is introduced to Bobby Manghini at a night club. Embarrassed, Lexi wants to hide in shame, only to find herself charmed by his old school gentleman ways.

The characters in this story are endearing. Lexi is the girl next door. She's pretty average in every way. She's also low maintenance which is ideal for a man who doesn't want any complications. Bobby Manghini is done with relationships. Owning a mistress is not only his kink, but it allows him to keep her in a nice and neat box. He also enjoys playing the sugar daddy part so there is no harm no foul in this set up. Lexi and Bobby both know going into it, what it is they will be getting out of it.

The conflict in this story is a bit confusing to me. I guess it's because I'm not one who was interested in marriage. Lexi knows upfront she's a highly paid whore. For her to be upset about Bobby's marital status makes no sense to me. Regardless of his marital status, he wanted and paid for a woman willing to be skull fucked and take it up the ass when he wanted it. Her feelings are irrelevant. This isn't a relationship of that kind. It's a business transaction and her reaction, I found to be rather insulting. The story makes it out for Bobby to be in the wrong. Especially when Lexi's friend explained the agreement up front, how could it be interpreted any other way?

“I know he’s sugar daddy material because his last mistress can’t get over him. She hangs out all the time hoping to run into him and wheedle her way back into his wallet. According to her, he put her in a fancy apartment and gave her cash every time they were together.”

“So basically, she was a whore.”

“Yeah... maybe. But he’s totally hot. I’d do him for a fancy apartment in a heartbeat if I were single.”(Kindle loc. 59-63)

After this conversation, how can there be any misunderstandings? When Bobby says, "open your mouth", Lexi should open it wide and start sucking. When he orders, "bend over", she need to bend over and pull her butt checks apart and be dripping wet. After a while, I am a bit disappointed with Lexi because she changes the rules on Bobby and makes him pay for it.

Now, there is nothing wrong with Lexi feeling the way she did. For her to feel wronged, that is where I'm not understanding. And this is where Lexi comes across as an immature petty bitch. She demonstrates her lack of ability to communicate like a mature human being. This is why the story became a bit of a letdown for me. I understand the need for this in order to create the conflict and bring about a happy ever after. I just didn't like it - personal preference.

The kinky parts to this story is fabulous. The way Lexi is treated really rocks my boat. Bobby is no pussy whipped dominant until near the end. He knows what he likes and he takes it. Lexi gets off of it too which makes the erotic sex appealing. Ms. Rose does an excellent job with the sex and the characters. Even if I didn’t how they behaved, it is well written. Recommended for kinky readers who fantasize about being a dirty little side piece to a sugar daddy.

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