Review: The New Room

The New Room
The New Room by Kay Jaybee

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

There is something a bit kinky mad-scientist with Ms. Jaybee. With this latest novella, Ms. Jaybee once again makes me both uncomfortable and aroused. Jess Sanders, the perfect submissive is once again being tested by both Miss Sarah, her lover and dominatrix, as well as her boss, Mrs. Peters. This time, Jess is put through her paces with extremes of hot and cold.

The reason why Ms. Jaybee is a kinky mad-scientist is due to her creative and provocative erotic scenes. She uses standard household items and perverts them in ways that are plausible and so good. For example, a room changed into a "cold" playspace where submissives are chilled on the outside and heated up on the inside or vice versa is quite unique. The sexual combinations she places her characters in are easy to visualize but the reason why they are in the situation and how she sets up the sexual torment is what kicks the erotic heat up to high. Ms. Jaybee is a mistress of writing predicament bondage without ever mentioning it. And I think this is what makes me a bit uneasy at times. It's because it makes me conflicted. It feels like Jess has no choice but she does. The consequences of her choices is what always riles me up. I don't think I could ever be in her position because for some reason, I just can't find the appeal to submit to Miss Sarah or Mrs. Peters. Still, I can admire their deft dominant skills.

This book is best read after reading the trilogy. Whilst it is fine as a standalone, it makes more sense if read after the first three books. This is a lovely tidbit for the happily ever after Jess desired so much from Miss Sarah. Recommended for F/f lovers who enjoy being conflicted in the choices they are given.

*I received an advanced copy

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