Review: Snarling at the Moon

Snarling at the Moon
Snarling at the Moon by Zenina Masters

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An enslaved and abused shifter is paired up with the very species who cruelly tortured her. Will Ms. Masters make this anymore angsty? Sera is a wolverine who survives in the wild. It's not really living when one must make do with no real indoor plumbing and catching one's own food in order to eat. To lay blame at the victim's feet is a heinous crime. For Sera, being a victim just means ostracization from her clan for being weak enough to be caught by an elf. Not only is she forced into her animal shape for years; she is surgically castrated in a manner which makes other shifters nervous around her. Instead of becoming crazy, Sera is doing her best to make it through each day. Sadly, her dreams of a mate are over.

With this new thread where unmatched fey can look for a mate within the shifter world by journeying to the Crossroads, unmatchable Sera may have some hope. Ms. Master does another stellar job of showing how those who are considered outsiders are not unwanted. There is always hope and this is what makes her series so attractive. Yes it is romantic. Yes it is sweet. It also contains an underlying message that damaged does not equate to bad or broken. It means life happens and bad things occur. Survivors will move on and be able to win by living a life and negating the bad by finding their own happiness. I adore this series and eagerly look forward to every book. Between the different animals and their unique situations, it is always a good read. This series even after so many books still remains fresh and fun. This new line with the fey I'm not sure I'm as enamoured with but so far, it's been sweet. It will be interesting to see where Ms. Masters takes this lovely world and what new animals will appear. Recommended for paranormal romance lovers who love their happily ever afters.

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