Review: Unsated Desires

Unsated Desires
Unsated Desires by Terri Pray

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Unsated Desires is aptly named as this book ends too soon. I am left hanging just as the story gets good. Karissa is a tough woman who takes no shit from any man. A chip the size of a ton boulder rests on her shoulder because of what she loves to do. She owns her own auto garage despite all the men who tell her she can't do it. Even her own father tears her down and says she can never be a grease monkey let alone run a shop where men will work for her and respect her.

Ms. Pray creates a great character in Karissa - a ball busting bitch who makes men quake in fear. Karissa's ability to be better than a man at her job inadvertently makes her impalpable as a girlfriend. She's unable to negotiation. A give and take relationship is beyond her comprehension. The song Man-eater is about her. Yet Karissa does want a man and hopefully one who can meet her desires. Is it even possible? Is this searching for a mythical unicorn?

The relationship dynamics between Karissa and the man she wants, Jack, is fascinating. It's a flip of the usual domineering male traits and acquiescent female traits. It seems so wrong and yet it is so right. The way Ms. Pray pokes fun of these stereotypes is delightful. It's done in a manner which is positive and humours. The story moves very fast and when everything comes together, it ends! The reader is left hanging with the expectation of Karissa's desires sated yet it isn't confirmed. Will there be a follow up filled with hot sex? Perhaps only in the reader's fantasies. This tightly written story is intense, abrasive and a joy to read. Recommended for erotic readers who enjoy strong women and the men strong enough to love them.

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