April 2015 Recommendations

April 2015

BDSM Everything

The Virgin (The Original Sinners  White Years, #3) by Tiffany Reisz The Virgin by Tiffany Reisz is another winner for me. This series pulls me in and every reveal is heartbreaking and explains so much. I love this series and don't want it to end. I can't wait for the next book. My review

Femdom F/m

Vanilla by Megan Hart Vanilla by Megan Hart is an interesting look at femdom. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and liked seeing how Vanilla meets kinky. My review explains why this story moved me to the point of pain. It's Ms. Hart so know that it isn't a happy story and it's filled with angst.

BDSM Fantasy

Without Choice - Blackmail in the Pacific by Suzi Milan Without Choice - Blackmail in the Pacific by Suzi Milan is a straight up fantasy. This is a new to me author and it is kind of porn without a plot, but it's a good spank-bank worthy piece. My review

Ménage MMF

Saints United (For Love of Authority, #3) by Rhiannon Ayers Saints United by Rhiannon Ayers is a new to me author. This is an emotional roller coaster and it makes me so mad! The triad is so good. What happens due to the media is infuriating and I want to kill them all. My review will show up soon, I hope.

Suspense Maledom

One Cut Deeper by Joely Sue Burkhart is a book to savour and experience. The BDSM in this story is fabulous. Ms. Burkhart wrote an amazing new series. My review

Bad boy Knifeplay

Branded Irish by Sara Brookes Branded Irish by Sara Brookes contains a hawt knife scene. It's a fun book to read and who doesn't like biker men? This maledom is a quick read and delicious. My review will be posted shortly.

Paranormal SugarKink

Duke by Candace Blevins Duke by Candace Blevins - Buy this now! Oh the sex is erotic. Duke is delicious. Gen is a sweet innocent to sex and it's written so well. The story is definitely captivating and I've read several scenes already multiple times. My review


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