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Chain Reaction
Chain Reaction by Keiko Alvarez

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Confused, aroused and incredulous, CHAIN REACTION comes across as porn without a plot. In fact, very little of the plot is revealed until the end. This is a town secretly invaded by aliens. To what purpose will this help the aliens? After a couple of orgies, does anyone care?

This story is a humourous look at small towns in America where the degree of separation between each other is less than six degrees and closer to one degree. The sexual shenanigans are romanticized swinger scenes. What woman wouldn't want to have sex with a studly black well-hung athlete? What about making a tiny Asian woman squeak and squeal in ecstasy? The sexual combinations in here are all the well-used stereotypes for porn movies. The play off of racial stereotypes could be offensive. Instead, it comes across as amusing and wank-worthy.

The writing style is simplistic. The story grows organically with very little plot development. And honestly, a reader picking up this kind of book won't care. It's erotic porn with a bit of revenge fuck mixed in. There are a few lines in the story which catches a reader's attention. I did find a term which I'll probably use going forward--BILF. It's a term which objectifies and dehumanizes a person in a sexual manner, which amuses me to no end.

  "Marcia was secretly known, by the men in the company at least, as BILF—the Boss I'd Like to Fuck. (pg. 59)

Here's an example of the play on stereotypes which help save time. As an Asian woman, I can say that this is pretty accurate with many repressing their sexual urges. No clue on Hispanic women.

   "They told me that Asian women normally repress their sexual urges and Hispanic women relish in them,
so when the Hispanic urges overcome the resistance..." (pg. 65).

The ending is when everything becomes clear and the blurb of the book makes sense. It's a little out of left field but still works. Recommended for horny housewives with bisexual swinging fantasies.

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