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Command by Sierra Cartwright

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The Romance Review

Kink plus geek will always catch my attention. When the geeky part involves holograms and advanced smart house technology, I'm wet just visualizing it. For me, stimulating the brain is really the best foreplay. In COMMAND, Ms. Cartwright commands my attention from the beginning.

Aria DeWitt is an accomplished businesswoman with a fabulous career. One of Julian's inner circle, she's privy to his special projects. What she doesn't want to be is one of his special projects. Forced to delegate her day job and switch to work on a hush hush project, Aria travels to Arizona to work with Grant Kingston. Grant is one of Julian's best mates from college. He's a genius in the lab and magic in the bedroom. The last thing Grant wants is a woman interfering with his perfect solitude.

The technology in this story is what really hooks me in. I loved all of it and really wish it were reality. Grant's project and his dominance are appealing and weave a seductive haze for me. I can't get enough of him. Aria feels the same as her protective walls are demolished by his unintended seduction. The chemistry between these two characters is hot. Their intellectual synergy gives me a giddy high as they create an interactive smart house. Where do I get one? I understand the dangers of having a smart house, but still, it is so cool.

The kink in this story is perfect for those enjoying light BDSM. It's kinky, romantic and the male character oozes dominance. He may be conflicted with his desires for Aria, but he definitely knows how to wring orgasms out of her. Just as it is nice to see Aria enjoying her submission and letting go. Ms. Cartwright's writing style is engaging and easy to read. The book easily hooks a reader and keeps them interested, page after page. What is also fun is some of the one-liners she slyly delivers.

"Every male instinct in him flared, and Grant almost tripped over his own libido. (pg. 20)

This kinky romance is highly recommended as a Gateway to BDSM book for technophiles.

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