Review: The Connoisseur: A Romance of Sexual Capacity

The Connoisseur: A Romance of Sexual Capacity
The Connoisseur: A Romance of Sexual Capacity by J.C. Avery

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Connoisseur embodies what is so attractive about capture sex slave fantasies. In Connoisseur, Jack Corwin is a master trainer. With his partner, Jane, they find women who are better off as sex slaves. The selection process is careful and lengthy. They find women who are submissive to begin with and ones who are easily removed from their current life due to lack of friends, job and family. Really, Jack and Jane are doing these women a favour. Whisking them out of a dull dreary bill paying life into a life of pampered pet is like winning the lottery. What more can these downtrodden women ask for?

This story started out very slow for me. Not a fan of first person narrative, I needed to push through the first two chapters before my attention is captured. Jack is in the process of training Caroline who will be renamed to Alice. The man who purchases Caroline has a fetish for Alice in Wonderland and places an order for a blonde hair, blue eyed, innocent English girl. This is perverse and twistedly depraved.

The concept of this story is good and the scenes are erotically enjoyable. It is one where a reader could definitely benefit with a sex toy nearby and handy. The submission Jack teaches his charges is sexy and many a submissive female's sexual fantasy. The spanking, flogging, bondage and forced orgasms are all so good. The scenes are well described for a good visual. The plot of the story is also decent and presents a tightly woven ending fitting for a dominant like Jack. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and the ending made me smile with delight. Perhaps author Avery will grace the reader with a follow up on Jack's partner, Jane. My hope is that story will be darker, more intense and humiliating. Here's hoping there is a lot of F/f domination mixed with Jane's story. Perhaps a bit of body modification with piercing, tattoo and branding would be possible. *shameless begging on my part* This sexy slavery fantasy is recommended for kinky readers who enjoy romantic D/s happily ever afters.

*ARC provided by Blushing Books

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