Review: A Merry Little Kinkmas

A Merry Little Kinkmas
A Merry Little Kinkmas by Tymber Dalton

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

When a group of kinky people celebrate Christmas together, nothing is sacred. Even Frosty the Snowman is violated in deliciously perverted ways. In this story, the naughty girls and boys receive appropriate gifts from Santa and his ho ho hos. This book should not be read as a standalone. It is best to read this book only after reading the 12 books prior. Otherwise, the characters and their sexual fun will not be as meaningful.

Seth and Leah host the party at their house. This couple has been through a lot together and this is the first Christmas where they are recovered enough to be able to celebrate it with more than a handful of intimate friends.

This story is filled with hawt kinky sex. This is the kind of play party I want to attend. I'd even be happy as just a voyeur. Each kinky scene is panty-wetting and tops the previous scene. The threesome scenes are my favourite. With all of the threesome scenes including mouthwatering m/m/f sex, what is not to love about this book? Warning, if a sex toy is not handy whilst reading this book, it is recommended to put the book down, grab a toy and towel before reading on.

Ms. Dalton does a great job of describing how a play party can be. She shows how all sorts of people, age and sexual orientation can have fun in an open space. She is inventive with the games and she demonstrates how a closely knit community come together for a great time even if their kinks are not all the same. For those who enjoy the characters from the previous books in this series, this is one not to miss. All the favourite characters are here and they are down to…party. Recommended for kinky readers who want to enjoy a good time.

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