Review: Punishing Portia

Punishing Portia
Punishing Portia by Darling Adams

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Revenge is a dish best served on a hot spanked ass.  In Punishing Portia, Chef David Marone is shocked when he sees Portia Sands at a BDSM retreat as a submissive.  Portia is a food critic who attacked him personally instead of just reviewing his food.  David recalls Portia from when they went to school together and he can't fathom why she has it in for him.  After some venting, he laughs it off and gets ready for his annual kinky vacation. When David finds Portia at his yearly kinky retreat, auctioning herself off as a submissive, it is time to dish up his revenge. 

The characters in this story are engaging and easy to like.  Even Portia with her spiteful attitude towards David is understandable if a bit unprofessional and immature.  David is the antithesis of famous chef Gordon Ramsey when it comes to working with people.  David is kind, supportive and a general all around nice guy.  It's a pleasure to read a BDSM story where the characters are not mentally disturbed or riddled with past trauma.  Instead, these are regular people with regular jobs who have fun with D/s and spankings.

The kinky retreat is GlitterKink sparkly.  I live very close to Ohio, where is this castle?  How do I get hooked up to go to this place?  Probably out of my means, but still, pretty alluring.  The BDSM in this story is closer to domestic discipline which is to be expected from Ms. Rose.  It's a lovely kinky time with some modified pet-play.  The story is sensual and believable from start to finish.  The pet-play is well done in this one and enjoyable for those just learning about how pet-play dynamic can work.

The story is tightly writing and easy to read through.  There are no complicated contrived miscommunications.  It’s two people who are seemingly enemies coming together to be something more.  This kinky romance is recommended to readers who enjoy enemies to lovers theme with a good dose of spanking involved.

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