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Purrfect Protector
Purrfect Protector by S.A. Welsh

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The Romance Review

Sexy body guard plus saber-tooth shifter. What's not to enjoy in this paranormal romance?

S.A. Welsh is a new-to-me author and my first taste of her is good. Kale Andrews is an international supermodel who is actually a nice guy. When does this happen? Models are usually narcissistic asshats who believe the world revolves around them. When the much in demand model is in high demand and down to earth, it tends to bring out the crazies.

When a fan becomes disturbingly fixated, Kale's brother forces him to take on a body guard. Aleksi takes on this seemingly easy job with some reservations. Not fond of pretty boys, Aleksi figures this will be a pain in the butt assignment. That is, until he gets to know Kale and wants to do more than guard his body.

The chemistry between Kale and Aleksi is cute, sexy and at times a bit playful. Whilst it's made to seem that Aleksi is an over the top dominant because of his alpha shifter animal, I didn't see it. Would I submit to Aleski? Probably, but he doesn't make me weak in the knees. Then again, it's probably because he bats for the other team.

The relationship development in this story is romantic and sweet. The plot device in the story is straightforward with creepy deliveries and threatening written words. It's a pretty stereotypical obsessive stalker theme. There are no real surprise to the story and it ends as a reader would expect.

From a paranormal romance viewpoint, this story checks off the list for soulmate, happy animal within the human shifter and a submissive but not cowering human mate. It's predictable, familiar and easy to follow. The one thing different is using a saber-tooth shifter, which is not as common. This worked well in the story as Aleski is a kick-ass body guard.

This m/m romance is recommended for paranormal romance lovers who enjoy alpha male shifters who go all growly when they are in protection mode.

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