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The Virgin
The Virgin by Tiffany Reisz

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another masterpiece to be devoured yet savoured at the same time. I should learn by now that there is no reason to be anxiety stricken over reading a book in this series. So far, the full length novels in series is a solid five star across the board. I have never read a series for so long where every single book moves me and impresses me. I am completely enthralled with this book and the author. I keep dragging my feet in reading the book because I'm nervous it won't meet my high expectations.

In the Virgin, readers finally learn about "the year". This is the year which Nora leaves Søren and Kingsley for "good". It's the major conflict which breaks the three apart. It is the one story I've been dreading since the beginning of this series. Why do I dread it? Because I'm desperately afraid of what I will learn. And I'm frightened that I will lose my love for the characters. Lastly, I'm also afraid the BDSM will just be "meh". So far, Ms. Reisz's BDSM is constantly edgy and fabulously kinky. How can she keep this going? It's a mystery to me and all I know is that I love it and want it to continue.

By now, followers of this series should know the BDSM in this book is accurate and fabulous. There is no real need for me to delve into the accuracies. What I can say is the erotic scenes filled with taboo in here are divine. Panty wetting goodness down to the very last word. I shiver in pleasure when I read any of the erotic passages. The rough sex, fisting, beatings… all of it is superb.

The writing is spectacular. I'm serious. The way Ms. Reisz incorporates theology into this series is mind boggling and always renews my faith and makes me want to attend Church on Sundays. Inevitably, I end up looking up passages in the Bible. If Ms. Reisz was my Sunday School teacher, I would have learned so much. I digress. The dialog between the characters is amazing. Her way with words is beyond compare. There are very few authors who can write at this level where there are connections and hidden meanings behind every scene. It is stimulating to the mind and I love it. It's a rush and when the story is over, I crash like a sugar low. Je suis désolée. I love the French language added into this book. It enhances my enjoyment and oddly, when Kingsley responds in English after some French, I translate his answers into French in my head. Using Latin is also a turn on. Ms. Reisz is a logophile's wet dream.

The dialog between the characters is breathtaking. The scenes are absurd and arousing.

“Good show,” Kingsley said. “Nice technique.”

“It’s not easy to catch her off guard,” Søren agreed.

“Are you two going to comment the entire time?” Griffin asked, looking up from her.
“Of course,” Kingsley said, reaching into a black satchel next to his booted legs. “I’m the French judge. He’s the Danish judge.”

Kingsley handed Søren a set of cards with the numbers one through ten on them. Score cards.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Griffin said, groaning and burying his face against her chest.

“Be glad Mistress Irina isn’t here, Griffin.” Kingsley shuffled casually through his cards. “No one ever impresses the Russian judge.” (kindle loc. 1090-1096)

Then there are the thought provoking gems.

She masturbated too, which was considered a sin here. Elle didn’t consider it a sin. She considered it an act of self-preservation. (Kindle loc. 1302-1303)

“Extraordinary circumstances. That’s one way to put it,” Elle said.

“Have you ever thought about how weird the word ‘extraordinary’ is? It means not ordinary but if something is extra ordinary wouldn’t you assume it was very ordinary? Super ordinary?” [Kyrie]

“Extra is a Latin prefix meaning ‘outside.’ If something is extra—it means it’s outside. Extra ordinary means outside the ordinary.” [Elle] (kindle loc. 1353-1357)

“You must be a masochist.” [Elle]

“A what?” [Kyrie]

“A masochist. Someone who takes pleasure from pain and humiliation.” [Elle]

“Well…I did join a convent.” [Kyrie]

“Good point,” Elle conceded. (Kindle loc. 1384-1386)

“She [Elle's mother] wasn’t who she thought she should be. And now she finally is.” [Elle]

“It’s a terrible thing to not be who God called you to be. I think that’s the cause for most of the suffering in all the world,” Kyrie said. “People trying to be who they aren’t supposed to be or not getting to be who they should be.” (Kindle loc. 2094-2096)

Then there is the sacrilege with humour.

He [Søren] was defending his dissertation at the Jesuit university there. PhD number two.” [Elle]

“Two PhDs? That’s crazy. He must be really smart.” [Kyrie]

“He’s the most intelligent man I’ve ever known. And such a nerd,” Elle said, smiling. “But he’s a Jesuit. PhDs are like catnip to Jesuits. They pop a boner around academic degrees like a teenage boy with his first Playboy.” [Elle]

“Oh God, my great-uncle’s a Jesuit.” [Kyrie]

“Sorry,” Elle said, wincing. “How many PhDs does he have?” [Elle]

“Three. Which is probably the same number of boners he’s had since becoming a Jesuit.” [Kyrie] (Kindle loc. 2961-2967)

And it continues…

“I love orgasms. I say a prayer of thanks to God for them every day.” [Kyrie]

“You say a prayer of thanks for orgasms?” Elle asked.

“Of course. I mean, they’re a gift from God, right? A woman doesn’t need to have an orgasm to get pregnant, right?” [Kyrie]

“Right.” [Elle]

“So if they have nothing to do with reproduction, then why do women have them?” Kyrie asked. She raised her hand and pointed a finger up at the ceiling, at the sky, where God lived. “Orgasms are God’s way of saying He’s sorry about periods and cramps.”

“Apology accepted,” Elle said.

Kyrie said, “Amen.” (Kindle loc. 3520-3525)

These are just a tidbit of how amazing the character interact with each other. Let's discuss the characters. In each one of these books, there is a loss of a possible relationship. Nora goes through love lost time after time. This book is with Kyrie. I loved Kyrie. She's an adorable ball of fluff who reminds Nora's youthful self. The parallels drawn between Kyrie to Nora and Nora to Søren is exquisite. Ms. Reisz does it again to me and when it happens, I'm left gasping for breath as my heart is broken and yet I understand why it happens the way it does. I don't think I can look at stoplight the same way again for a while. The way emotion is invoked in these stories appeals to me. I'm vested in these characters and relationships. So when they hit rock bottom or dissolve or don't work out, I'm devastated. Kingsley's year away from Søren is just as pivotal and intensely emotional. What I like about these angst filled situation is that it isn't some contrived drama. These are situations which are plausible and undeniably filled with sorrow because it's not the person, it's the fact that it isn't the right fit. There are no winners or losers, just irreconcilable differences. Yet it is not the end of the world. Life continues on and love released returns back to its rightful home. Amor vincit omnia. This erotic romance is highly recommended to kinky readers who want it all.

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