Review: Without Choice - Blackmail in the Pacific

Without Choice - Blackmail in the Pacific
Without Choice - Blackmail in the Pacific by Suzi Milan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

For those who want to enjoy a good smexy time, this book is spank-bank worthy. The premise is a popular abuse of authority through work. This is a good fantasy and the BDSM sex in here is filled with delicious humiliation.

Lily Samms is a sweet wholesome girl from Iowa. Trying to get out from debt, an internship with a high profile company for a month during the miserable Midwestern winter is a dream come true. This is, until it turns into a degrading nightmare with Lily working on her hands and knees sucking men off as another man fucks her pussy. Being degraded for this smart hard working girl is the least of her worries. The blackmail and threat of how her entire family will be impacted if she rejects this sexual servitude is what breaks her.

This plot is simplistic and it works. The BDSM is a non-con and dub-con fantasy. Is this realistic? Not exactly but it can be. Most of the acts in this story is just plain orgy fun. Is the rich lifestyle realistic? Possibly, since I don’t know rich kinky men, I can only dream. The characters are easy to understand and likeable. Lily is a spunky brat. She is out of her depths, like a kitten nipping at the tail of a lion or tiger. It's so cute, one can't help but go "awww, what a cutey". Lucas Charles as the boss is eye rolling rich, and he does have a devious sexual appetite. He's a sexual predator and is good at it. Love it.

I can be bribed with degrading debauchery which is why I enjoyed this book so much. I stopped a couple of times for "alone time" because it aroused me to a feverish state. Whilst I could usually envision myself in the position of being taken advantage of, in this case, I reveled in the despoiling of Lily. The exploitation of her body is so good. I wish there would be more scenes of her humiliation and violation. I wish for more f/f scenes with Lily being forced to go down on another woman. Making Lily begging to be fisted or pounded with a strap-on by a woman would make the story even hotter. Perhaps a nice little follow up story could occur with more perversions. Corrupting little Lily is definitely a powerful feeling, forcing endorphins into a reader's bloodstream.

For this book to be better, I recommend better character dialog. The dialog between the characters is a bit cheesy and comes off as a bad porn flick at times. It matches the graphic porno sex scenes so I can't complain. If the author wants to appeal to more readers, this would be my recommendation. In addition, building the characters with more layers would work too. If not, then up the sexual content to be more explicit and deliciously degrading. It's the fact that Lily guiltily enjoys the defilement so much which makes this story good for me. This book is recommended to kinky readers who enjoy dub-con sexual indentureship.

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