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Mermaid MayhemMermaid Mayhem by Keiko Alvarez
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Who is this author, Keiko Alvarez?  This is an author to follow and read because a reader never knows what kind of story will spring forth from her creatively deviant mind.  Her writing knows no boundaries.  What could be termed as monster porn, Mermaid Mayhem is depraved erotica.  At this point, any time I see Ms. Alvarez's name, I pick up the book without even reading the blurb or caring what the book is about.  Why?  Because I know I'm going to have a fun ride.  Reading Ms. Alvarez is like taking an acid trip through written word.

In this one, Mike O'Brien is essentially a military grunt with some sweet job assignments.  He spends his time fully enjoying all the carnal pleasures gifted to an isolated black ops program.  As everyone knows, sex can be used as a bribe.  To keep the social lubrication going, the military provides whores galore for everyone's kinky pleasure.  Now, Mike's newest assignment is in another isolated area. This time instead of the ice cold, he's on a hot sandy beach.  This research facility is looking for mermaids.  Yes, mermaids with fish tales, siren songs and beautiful women to sexually violate.  Or perhaps procreate?

This wacky tale quickly devolves into a free for all orgy.  This seems to be a trademark of naughty Ms. Alvarez and I applaud her for it.  Yes, the plot is a bit thin.  Yes, the world building is sketchy.  Yes, the characters are kind of a joke.  But seriously, who cares?  The sex in this book is AWESOME!  It's graphic, taboo and there are TENTACLES.  I repeat, T.E.N.T.A.C.L.E.S.  Need I say more?  There are some scary aspects added to the story which makes it even more hilarious and out there.  Loved it.  Highly recommended to those who think monster erotica and violence can be humourous as well as dark.

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