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Branded IrishBranded Irish by Sara Brookes

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

  The Romance Review

Ms. Brookes is quickly becoming my go-to author for techie BDSM erotic. BRANDED IRISH is a stimulating mating dance between two highly functioning intellectuals. Whilst the physical sex is delicious, it's their mental foreplay which is erotically deviant.

Arden is a woman who loves her job and is glad to be away from "The Company". When she bumps into a former colleague from the CIA, she renews their friendship with misgivings. Garvey used to work for the government and now he owns his own technology company. On top of this, he's a president of a motorcycle club.

Ms. Brookes is a mad scientist author who concocts a story with bikers, intelligence agencies, BDSM and speculative robotic technology. How she brings it all together, I have no idea. All I know is that it works and it works well. The second in this series is just as enjoyable as the reader is treated to great world building, engaging characters and hawt kinky sex. This story is smooth from beginning to end. The end is a little fast in the resolution and a bit of a stretch when the rest of the book is realistic and plausible.

Ms. Brookes writes great scenes and infuses it with eye catching dialog. This makes the book enjoyable to read and sometimes, a reader may spontaneously burst out laughing.

    "Barely said a word through the members meeting, and you're the fucking president. Now suddenly you're grinning like you tripped face-first into some choice pussy." (pg. 34)

This is vivid imagery and not only does it cause a reader's eye to pop a bit, it may raise a few questions. Such as, where are pussies lying around for a person to trip face-first into? And what exactly determines choice pussy? Are there grades to pussy, similar to meat grade? Like Grade A Prime meat?

When vivid dialogues are included in sexual banter, Ms. Brookes definitely turns up the heat.

    "Then stay and enjoy a day in hell." [Arden]

    "As delightful as that sounds, I do have to attend these meetings. And…" He [Garvey] gave in to the desire storming through him, dragging his tongue against her neck to luxuriate in her flavor.

    "When I do finally get inside you, I will not be rushed. Because when I do eventually fuck you, you will be restrained. Ass burning from the lashes of my belt or my hand. Legs spread wide. Your swollen cunt on full display. And after I've hurt you, after I've feasted on you, only then will I fuck you."

    He backed away until he'd put the length of the bathroom between them. "Enjoy your shower." (pg. 81)

All thoughts just leaked out of my head. The only thing I can focus on is this explicit detail of what Garvey will do to Arden. Ladies, copy this little piece out and provide it to your lover for inspiration because this script is pussy-wetting material. This is just one of the erotic tidbit Ms. Brookes treats her readers. This kinky erotica is recommended to sapiosexuals who love smart bad boys on motorcycles.

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