Review: Breeding Seth

Breeding Seth
Breeding Seth by Jacey Holbrand

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review
M/M lovers having children stories are a specific niche which not everyone reads. Fortunately, this is one I'm always on the look out for, so when I find one, I gleefully grab it. BREEDING SETH is best read after reading the first book in the series. Full disclosure, I didn't read the first book so the second one seemed as if I missed a few things.

Evan Zenas and Seth Trivos are lovers united through trials. They don't have the best view of aliens who have come to Earth. Still, the two of them are not going to let a little alien invasion stop them from having a life. When that life is threatened due to an illness Seth can't seem to shake, Evan starts to take control.

This story is short, sweet and hilarious. My assumption is the world building is in the first book in this series. There isn't much in this one. It's fine because those who are used to the Space Opera genre will be able to quickly pick up what is going on. The characters are adorable and almost too sweet on each other. I kept expecting Evan to call Seth his "hunny bunny".

The twist in this story is out there for most readers. For those who are into mpreg genre, this is a relatively mild one and it doesn't stretch the imagination too far. Not quite realistic enough to consider it speculative, yet still wild enough to bemuse a reader. This m/m romance is recommended for those who have a sense of humour.

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