Review: Candi at Night

Candi at Night
Candi at Night by Jennie May

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ageplay is always a delight when Ms. May pens it. Candace Sands is a naughty girl who needs a hard punishment for taking advantage of someone she loves. Candace dates Tucker Reed who is a client and a delicious Daddy Dom. When Candace does something bad, which impacts Tucker, he takes "Candi" to task.

The conflict of this story is appalling realistic. Candi is not a character to be admired. It's not that she is ballsy business woman which makes her unappealing. It's her lack of ethics which is an embarrassment.  The fact that Tucker still wants her after she pulls one on him, it's unbelievable. These characters are simplistic, easy to understand. There is minimal character development. Ms. May isn't known for complex character development or complicated plot driven stories. Her forte is the Daddy Dom who wields a firm hand used for spanking. There is a bit of a difference in this story where there is flipping between past and present. The transitions between the time periods could be smoothed out and better written. It's not jarring, just not the best of transitions.

The ageplay dynamic is this story is spank-bank worthy. It's delicious and just the right erotic and punishment balance. Ms. May never goes extreme in her ageplay. She is consistent with spankings, punishments and time outs. The anal play is tame yet still erotic. Ms. May writes good solid ageplay books for those who enjoy consensual kink with caring yet strict dominants. For those who enjoy hardcore graphic details, humiliation or ADBL, this is not the book for you. This book is recommend for kinky readers who want to explore a bit into the ageplay genre.

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