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Diary of a Library Nerd: An erotic diary of one woman's metamorphosisDiary of a Library Nerd: An erotic diary of one woman's metamorphosis by Kyoko Church


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Provocative, innovative and creative describe Ms. Church's Diary of a Library Nerd.  The first chapter of this story is a bit off putting to read.  This is in first person, from Charlotte's point of view.  It's about a Charlotte aka Char, a librarian, who writes in her diary about her day.  Sometimes she writes about her boring day which includes calling her bitch of a boss, Pigface.  What is amusing is when Charlotte includes pictures to accompanying her diary entries.  What is hawt is when Charlotte reveals her sexual proclivities.  It's smoking hawt when the sexual scenes are accompanied by her sexual drawings. 

This is one of the few adult books I've read where there are applicable drawings interwoven throughout the story.  The style this story is written is quite appealing.  To read about Charlotte's life as she goes through her sexual journey with not one but two men is fabulous.  The kink in this story is delicious and intoxicating.  The power Charlotte feels when she orders Nathan to her bidding is so good.  She's just learning and coming into her femdom.  Charlotte is a dirty mistress getting off on her boy toy. 

When this story twists to include Charlotte's erotic exchange in submission to a sexual dominant, Edward, it kicks this story up a notch.  It's well done how Charlotte's character struggles to balance her desires as she's learning more about the kinky side of life.  Her experimentations and confessions of guilty desires brings her closer to the reader.  When she pulls together a ménage, a reader may become giddy with the carnal heat.  Definitely Charlotte is exploring erotic fantasies many women dream about in the privacy of their bedroom.  Here is Charlotte, letting go and exploring to her animalistic delight. 

I'm captivated by the writing voice.  I'm pulled in as Charlotte experiences highs and lows.  The kinky sex is bewitching.  The graphic pictures are tempting.  This is the kind of diary I wish I could have written as a young adult.  This is the kind of life I wish I had experienced as a college student.  This is the kind of life which many a reader will vicariously enjoy.  Honestly, I can see this as a movie or a mini-series on TV.  I hope an aspiring movie director reads this book and wants to product it.  I'd watch the movie.  Highly recommended to kinky readers who know the quiet ones are the ones to keep an eye on.

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