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Glass HousesGlass Houses by Helena Maeve
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Sometimes our view of ourselves is not the same as how others view us.  This becomes increasingly apparent as Miriam Chase reconnects with friends and a past lover.  Miriam is the one who people believe would succeed in life.  She knew what she wanted and she worked towards it.  When she is jobless and ends up being a nanny, she believes she hits rock bottom.  She's wrong.  It gets a little worse because she's excluded from her best friend's wedding and her passionate one night stand shows up even sexier than before.

This is a story which many readers may wince in sympathy.  Miriam's view of her life and herself is gloomy and rather depressing.  She is embarrassed to some degree, of her job.  It's sad because it's so easy to see this scenario because many people do look down upon certain jobs.  A nanny or "au pair" is a job which impacts lives. Specifically it impacts young and impressionable lives.  For people to ridicule it or take advantage of a female in this position is abhorrent.  Miriam is a great care giver and she doesn't seem to realize it.  Her strained interactions with her employers is reasonable as Ms. Hamiltons is a control freak who is cold and uncaring of her children.  It's up to Miriam to provide the love and affection these children are desperately seeking.

To take a story like this and add in kinky femdom is surprising and well done.  The BDSM elements to this story are enjoyable.  For those who are looking for a realistic dominant female, Miriam is a good example.  She is in control of herself and the way she dominates a male is steamy.  Especially when her submissive is Elliot McFarland, her one night stand.  He is older than her and also a former professor of hers.  This makes the sex downright filthy.  It is intoxicating to order a man around who is older.  For the man to be someone who was previously in a position of authority?  Fabulous. 

What makes this story interesting is how Miriam's perception changes by the end of the book.  What she believed to be facts were not as she thought when she learns the other side of the story.  This realization forces Miriam to grow and become a more assured individual.  This is what brings the story together even if the ending leaves us hanging.  Will there be more to Miriam's story?  What happens next is left for a reader to ponder and hope.  This story is a happily for now ending which is quite fitting.  This odyssey to self-enlightenment is recommended to femdom lovers who understand rejection may not be what it seems.

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