Review: Hawking a Future

Hawking a Future
Hawking a Future by Zenina Masters

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This series continues to grow and keep me completely enthralled. In Hawking a Future, Ms. Masters opens up a little more about the Fae and Shifter alliances. It also looks as if she is going to have more characters show up with more ties ins than she has previously written. For this, I'm rather excited. Whilst I enjoy each book as a standalone, the connections between characters helps me bond more to the series and the series becomes more memorable. This is one of the few series I grab the book as soon as it is available and read it that same day.

Hayley is different than all the other characters because she is purposely given to humans to raise and didn't know about her shifter heritage. The reason behind this is disturbing because essentially, she is an unwanted child. It is a variation of a theme Ms. Masters wrote previously, with a shifter hidden from her family and raised by humans. It also includes the element of a shifter who couldn’t shift. The way Ms. Masters can keep it fresh with new permutations of a familiar story speaks to her creativity and ability to keep a world alive.

The characters in this story are just as sweet and cute as the others in this series. It's the world building aspect that moves to the forefront. There are implications of something big coming up in the next few books. In addition, more supernatural beings may be revealed and explored. The story does not end in a cliffhanger, but it does keep hooking a reader, making them yearn for the next story. Recommended for paranormal romance lovers.

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