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Her Hollywood Daddy
Her Hollywood Daddy by Renee Rose

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Another winner by Ms. Rose. This is an enjoyable read and so easy to visualize. With the misbehaving starlets in the media all the time, it's easy to see Marissa Sparks in career trouble. Marissa is an accomplished actress with two heavy albatrosses - her selfish sister and greedy mother. Marissa can't stay focused with her job because her sister is throwing all night parties. Marissa needs to kick her sister and mother out of her life if she wants to be able to move forward and survive.

From a character perspective, Marissa is annoying at times because she is so passively helpless. The way Ms. Rose addresses this with Joel Sutherland, another actor, it's amazing. The age-play theme works very well in this one because it doesn't revert to the ABDL and because it is clear, Marissa needs to be taken in hand. Joel Sutherland is a Daddy Dom to die for. He's strict yet understanding. He holds Marissa accountable and he helps her grow yet cuddles her as a cherished little girl. This is many a "little's" fantasy Daddy.

From a kinky scene, I have to mention the "cleansing" enema. Does this really work? Because I'd like to recommend it to several people. Or actually, I'd like to administer it to several people. The age-play scenes are caring and sensual. There is no hardcore humiliation nor is there diaper play. The spankings are middle of the road, not too harsh and not too light.

The way the story resolves the conflicts is not expected and I enjoyed it. It's not that it is a surprise, it's written in a manner where it is win-win for everyone. I thought for sure there would be some ass kicking but Ms. Rose surprises me with a gentler and better way to resolve the issues Marissa is experiencing. This truly is a happily ever ending and it works very well. This kinky romance is recommended for those who are interested in age-play and want to see the gentler romantic side of it.

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