Review: His Canvas

His Canvas
His Canvas by Tymber Dalton

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Rope bunnies, this is the book for you. Mallory is ready to move into the next phase of her life. Her controlling uncle and legal guardian is pushing her into a direction she doesn't want to go. Instead, she wants to try interning at companies interested in her art skills. Her uncle tries to force her to get a PhD she is neither interested in nor could afford. Fortunately for non-confrontational Mallory, her bestie Chelbie is able to help her out.

This story captures my attention from the beginning. Mallory is adorable. She's shy and unassuming. When she catches the attention of Kel, this is when Mallory starts to blossom. Kel is several years older than Mallory. He's been around the scene for a while and loves rigging. Burned by his latest submissive, he isn't interested in any female with drama. When he binds Mallory up and finds his feelings all tied up about her, he doesn't realize the additional baggage she brings along with her.

The characters in this book are fabulous. Those reading the loosely connected books in this series will recognize Tilly amongst others. This book really brings forth a sense of family and community. This is what really makes the story so good. The way the people who are not blood can pull together and support each other is great to see. Mallory may be an orphan but she's rich in her friendships. Chelbie is the comic relief in the book. It's a nice balance from the stress and seriousness of Mallory's situation at home. With Chelbie on a person's side, anything can be accomplished.

The BDSM in the story is fabulous. The focus is on Shibari as well as rigging. The surprise injection of needle, knife and blood play is delightful. Ms. Dalton does a great job of showing the negotiation of new fetishes as well as making three edge-plays less intimidating. The little taste of each may whet the appetites of those who are curious about all three. As someone who enjoys receiving two of the three, I can state the scenes are accurate and arousing.

This series is extremely attractive to me because it brings out the best in people and doesn't hide their flaws. People make mistakes and it is okay. No one is left alone. Instead, through friends and family, people can do what they never thought they could before. Mallory goes from possessing a low opinion of her body to someone who is happy with herself. This metamorphosis is a pleasure to witness as Kel helps brings Mallory's vibrancy for all to see. Recommended for kinky readers who love a happily ever after.

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