Review: Lesbian Lovers

Lesbian LoversLesbian Lovers by Berengaria Brown

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sapphic sex is always alluring and sensual for this kinky reader.  Ms. Brown elicits hidden f/f desires with her three short stories in this collection.  The writing is smooth, silky and smoldering.

In Stubborn Attraction, the primal chase is on as Jaelle lets her randy side out.  When she meets another mystical female, the two of them enjoy au natural to its fullest.  This paranormal erotica kicks the book off to a great start.

Switching to a historical piece, Lady Caroline's Reward, is naughty yet proper.  Initiating a virgin into womanly delights is sweetly done.  The conflict with a potential forced marriage at a time where women are property is nicely done.

Finally, Fist Me is a punching end when an angry woman, Taryn, decides men are pigs.  Maybe switching to bat for the other side would be better for her.  Who better to show her then good friend, Maeve? 

In each of these stories, Ms. Brown does a good job of creating a neat package.  With a good beginning, middle and end, each story is satisfying.  It also gives a taste of Ms. Brown's versatility from paranormal to historical and then contemporary.  For me, the contemporary is the most enticing because it does include fisting.  There are not many stories which including fisting and this one does a lovely job.  It's erotic and exciting.  Honestly, the sex in all three stories are effortlessly erotic.  The feminine touch to these stories make them more romantic than erotic.  Do not mistake the feminine side for bland sex scenes.  The sex scenes are still hawt and fap worthy.  This collection is recommended for f/f erotica lovers.

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