Review: Poppa's Progeny

Poppa's Progeny
Poppa's Progeny by Alta Hensley

My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

In a dystopian world, females appear to be expensive and abundant. This doesn't make sense unless one understands how the supply to women is limited and what happens to excess unwanted women. Juniper Ambrose is one of the women who is placed in a facility where girls minds are regressed to be a six year old and they don't know it. This helps keep a woman pure until a man can buy them as a wife and bring her back to her right age. This keeps a female virginal, stupid, shallow and malleable - all admirable traits in a wife.

The ageplay in this story did very little for me. It comes across plain and rather flat. There is little in this story which would be erotic or spank-bank worthy. Even the non-con of changing a female to be a "little" progeny is rather dull. What is interesting is why this is done and what happens to girls who are not regressed correctly. There seems to be a conspiracy hinted in this story and just as it gets good, it ends.

If more time is spent on the world building upfront, it would capture a reader's attention better. Rushing it at the end with no resolution leaves a reader hanging. The character development in this story is okay. Ms. Hensley did a good job of showing Juniper's frustration and her hellish prison. The "poppas" in this story are forgettable. Even Juniper's Poppa is hard to remember after just finishing the book. Since this story seems to be more plot driven, it would be nice to have this book extended to explain the hanging threads. Or, if a follow up book is to be written, then perhaps it will move at a faster pace and incorporate more erotic ageplay and less pent-up anger. This book is for readers who enjoy dystopian themes with women held hostage in their own bodies.

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