Review: Pup

Pup by S.J.D. Peterson

My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Bratty subs have never been as attractive as Micah Slayde. Micah is a high energy submissive looking for a full time dominant. He's just never been able to find his "one" until he sees Tackett Austin. Tackett is a dominant who never takes on a submissive for long term. He is also going through a funk after his last birthday. He feels old and sees all his friends together with their mates. Why can't he find someone to meet his needs?

I'm not a fan of bratty subs. They don't do much for me. It's not my kink. I tend to avoid them in real life and in books. Micah is an exception. He's an adorable high energy pup. He is flirtatious and sweet of heart. What breaks my heart about him is how he thinks so little of his own worth because he thinks he has a "broken brain". Micah has Attention Deficit Disorder which makes it hard for him to stay on focus. His brain is always whipping through at high speeds. It's a rather fascinating experience as he explains how he makes connections. Ms. Peterson does a great job of showing how it is to be a person with this high speed ability.

From a character perspective, Micah is one I really liked. I felt for him. As someone whose mind never turns off and goes off on tangent, I can empathize. Fortunately, I have no issues with focus. The way Micah responds and tries to please Tackett is both sexy and admirable.

The character I had issues with is Tackett. Tackett is a couple of decades older than Micah. This really isn't an issue if it weren't for Tackett's old foggie ways. He comes off old and asinine to me because of how he wants to "fix" Micah the "unruly child". I didn't like the fair scene. This served no purpose for me except to make me see how badly it makes Micah feel. I felt outrage and wanted to kick Tackett in the nuts. This makes me lose respect for Tackett. Sure, Tackett wants Micah to focus on Tackett's needs, and Tackett "says" he will also meet Micah's needs. But does Micah really need to be "fixed"? How about showing Micah that there is nothing wrong with him? I digress due to my irritation.

The BDSM in this story, with the exception of one scene, is very good. The scenes with Micah are delicious. When Micah is allowed a reward with Tackett, it is smoky hawt. There is no denying Ms. Peterson's BDSM scenes are getting better and better. There is no denying her sex scenes are erotic and panty-wetting goodness. The D/s in this story is quite good even if I didn't like one piece of it. Still, it works for Micah and Tackett and that's all that matters.

This m/m romance is recommended to kinky readers who like bratty subs and the dominants who can take them in hand.

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