Review: The Queen's Assassin

The Queen's AssassinThe Queen's Assassin by Jaymi Hanako

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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Hiding in plain sight is the way to prevent assassins from killing royalty. Raine is more than meets the eye when Madoc crosses her to kill his target--the Queen. When the two wrestle for survival, it morphs into an erotic power struggle. Unfortunately for Madoc, he loses and is taken prisoner.

The erotic heat between Madoc and Raine is good. There is an undertone of kinky femdom dominance which makes their sex more appealing for me. The chains, rough sex and dungeon inquiry are all well written and generate a certain exciting thrill to those who enjoy forced submission.

This story is a short intrigue with enough world building for a reader to crave more. There are questions left hanging which leads a reader to believe there could be a follow up book. The plot and conflict are familiar to stories revolving around kingdoms with a young Queen trying lead. There are conspiracies, surprising allies and friendships betrayed.

This story moves along quickly and introduces intriguing secondary characters. The ending is a bit rushed and predictable. The author sets it up for readers to easily ascertain the villains. The main force behind the villains is still up in the air and leaves a reader wondering what will happen next. This sexy romance is recommended for readers who enjoy a strong male on the receiving end of an erotic interrogation.

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