Review: Reclaimed By Her Master

Reclaimed By Her Master
Reclaimed By Her Master by April Vine

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Fifty Shades of Grey lovers in search of a kinky romance, this is the story for you. Aria Swift is a naughty girl who made a mistake years ago when she helped steal a painting from Stephen Black. When she enters back into his life to take back something he's stolen from her, he learns she stole more than just a piece of art.

Those who enjoy young rich men sweeping poor beautiful females off their feet, this will meet those desires. This is a very romanticized view of BDSM complete with a bodice ripper style writing. The characters are simplistic and the dialogue is the same. It's an easy to follow story with a predictable middle and end. This story appeals to the capture fantasies female sexual submissives dream about. Ms. Vine writes it in a smooth and erotic manner. The BDSM is sensationalize and entertaining.

The BDSM in this book is definitely a fictionalized version of the lifestyle. Stephen doesn't come across as a dominant. It's mostly told rather than shown. An example of stating Stephen's "domliness" is captured in these two sentences.

"He [Stephen] knew how to fuck a woman well. He could dominate any sub on any continent under any circumstance. " (Kindle loc. 1106-1107)

This is an amusing statement which I won't pick apart because it would be petty of me. Rest assured, if any dominant said this to me in real life, I'm not sure I could keep my laughter bottled in and keep a straight face. This illustrates how the BDSM is portrayed in the book. It is not negative, just closer to a figment of a writer's imagination. It appears Ms. Vine does not have experience in the lifestyle and her research into BDSM may be through other fiction books rather than her own experimentation. Experience and more research would help Ms. Vine create a dominant who shows his ability to master rather than tell. And a submissive who responses authentically rather than theoretically.

Overall, this is a sweet kinky romance recommended for erotic readers who want to take a little stroll on the wild side.

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