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Safeword InterruptedSafeword Interrupted by Dakota Trace

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Friends to lovers stories are sweet and hit the spot.  Deacon Willis is a dominant whose been keeping his friend, Bethany, at arm's length.  He didn't want his depraved kinky ways to drive her away.  When Bethany catch a scene of a woman sexually submitting to Deacon, it's no holds bar for Deacon to come after her.  Bethany is confused.  She shouldn't like what she saw, especially since she needs to be the alpha dog as the head bartender.   If she is known to be not only shacking up with the boss but submitting, won't it hurt her standing at work?  All realistic fears for a person insecure with their own sexuality.

The conflict Bethany experiences as her heart and head war with each other is similar to many people first entering into the kinky lifestyle.  The guilt, the fears, the confusion all come up as it goes against societal conditioning.  The one step forward and a couple steps backwards must be frustrating for Deacon yet so accurate to real life.  Ms. Trace does another great job of showing how the kinky lifestyle can be.  It is intimidating for some.  It's also freeing and exhilarating. 

Deacon and Bethany are easy characters to understand.  They didn't do much for me though.  Their story didn't move me as much as some of the other ones by Ms. Trace.  Whilst it was sweet and romantic, I felt little for either of them.  It's still a well written story and the BDSM element is good.  This story is for kinky romance readers who love the friends to lover theme.

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