June 2015 Book Recommendations

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June is whirling right by so fast. Here are the books I want to specifically mention because they caught my attention.

Beck & Call (The Billionaires, #2) by Emma HollyBeck & Call by Emma Holly is the one which caught me off guard. Anytime I see the word "Billionaire" I admit I scoff a little. I realize these books sell because there is a fan base. Usually, I'm not included in this fan base. This one, I ended up really enjoying. It is book 2 in the series. It can be read as a standalone. For those who enjoy menage, this one is a good one. Hawt! My review

Three of Hearts  Erotic Romance For Women by Kristina Wright Three of Hearts: Erotic Romance For Women by Kristina Wright is a great collection. The focus is on threesome permutations. There are some familiar authors we love in this book. And I found a few new ones that I want to keep my eye on. The BDSM in here is LITE. It's the menage dynamics which are of interest. Obviously, the stories with more kink really trip my trigger. My review

At this point, my dear friends here in GR must think I'm being paid by Ms. Blevins and Ms. Dalton. I am not. These are two authors I happen to enjoy quite a bit and their books speak to me.

Ms. Dalton is the BDSM Nora Roberts. I swear this woman puts out books like clockwork. I can barely keep up with her current books as they come out one after another. Her Suncoast Society is one I'm completely hooked on. I have to read every single story. I enjoy all of them. Some of them, I really like because they move me and make me laugh out loud in glee.  If an author can make me laugh unexpectedly, that is a big win. 

Kinko de Mayo (Suncoast Society, #21) by Tymber DaltonKinko de Mayo is one of the more recent ones which just tickles me pink. These stories in the series come across to me like episodes in a TV drama. In this one, I have two things to say. Cat plus Sybian - 'nuff said. My review will show up hopefully w/i the next 30 days. I need approval before I can post.

Riding the Storm by Candace BlevinsRiding the Storm by Candace Blevins is FABULOUS. It's a reboot of an earlier written story, this time, done with more experience and fitting into the paranormal romance world much better. There is no need to read about these original characters in the first version of this story (which has been pulled). This is how the story should have always been. Switches, this one is for you. My Review - warning, I use GIFS.

The Science of Submission by Victoria Winters The Science of Submission by Victoria Winters is steampunk dub-con ageplay. Oh boy, Ms. Winters is a new to me author and I'm interested. There is a bit of suspense, kidnapping, steampunk, HG Wells time machine and finally AGEPLAY! My review will be posted within the week.


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