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La Crimson Femme: Today, let us welcome a new review website, Reading Alley!  Congratulations on your Grand Opening! Let’s get our interview rolling.
First question on everyone’s mind is - what is Reading Alley all about?

Reading Alley: 
Reading Alley is a site that caters to passionate book reviewers.  Book reviewers get the chance to read the latest books in the market for FREE. In exchange, the only requirement is for them to submit their honest, unbiased review afterwards.

We feature a variety of books from different genres, and these books are from both known and up-and-coming authors.

Authors are welcome to set up their books for review at a reasonable price. By joining Reading Alley, authors gain instant access to this community of reviewers who can share their thoughts and recommendations, leading to greater awareness and exposure of their books.

La Crimson Femme: What made you decide to create a review site like this one?

Reading Alley:  
The creation of Reading Alley comes from a desire to provide convenience and exposure to authors in the matter of book reviews. Authors can tap on the community of reviewers at Reading Alley, and they save precious time that can be used for writing more books or spending more time with their family. Authors can also manage and keep track of everything from a convenient page with our user-friendly tools.

Reviewers, on the other hand, get to choose from a wide variety of books to read for free, provided they submit their honest reviews afterwards. Reading Alley also conducts activities from time to time to make things exciting and interesting for everyone.

La Crimson Femme: What genre of books do you have at Reading Alley?

Reading Alley: 

The books at Reading Alley are from well-known and up and coming authors alike. The genres of the books include, but are not limited to, Romance, Erotica, GLBT, Mystery and Thriller, Paranormal, YA, New Adult, Women's Fiction, Western, Science Fiction and Fantasy. Examples of books up at the site include:

Relentless Flame  Points on a Curve Tinman's Heart

La Crimson Femme: Awesome! Who can be a reviewer at Reading Alley?

Reading Alley: 
Anyone who is willing to write honest book reviews, and help the book community learn more about the books. Signup for a free account here.

La Crimson Femme: Can a reviewer request to review any book?

Reading Alley: 
Yes. However, your request would need to be approved by the author/publisher before you can download a review copy.

La Crimson Femme: Do I need to have a blog to review?

Reading Alley: 
No. However, authors and publishers generally approve requests because they believe the reviewer would be able to help them spread the word about the book; in your case, a review. Hence, it would be good if you have an Amazon or Goodreads account where you can post your reviews. Or, if you're affiliated with a review site, that can work as well.

La Crimson Femme: You mentioned earlier that you organize activities to make your site more interesting. What are these activities?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Reading Alley: 
Glad you asked! At Reading Alley, we are a group of passionate book lovers who believe in making reading a more exciting endeavor than it already is. So while getting to read great books is already a huge perk, we try to think of ways and activities to make these even more fun. 
Things like setting review challenges, offering a Rewards Program for all our reviewers and hosting special events like our current Grand Opening event.

La Crimson Femme: Oooh, a rewards program! Please tell us more about the Rewards Program.

Reading Alley: 
Sure! Our Rewards Program is geared towards promoting active participation among reviewers at the site, i.e. participation in the varied activities at the site, such as the ones mentioned in the preceding point. Active participation earns a reviewer points which he can ultimately redeem for attractive rewards.

La Crimson Femme: Since you mentioned about your Grand Opening event, perhaps you would like to share more about this, and tell our readers how they can join?

Reading Alley: 
We're inviting everyone to join us in our Grand Opening!

Reading Alley is officially launching and we are marking it in a big way with our Grand Opening event! Take part in a variety of site activities, such as our weekly contests, review challenge and referral program. The more active you are, the higher your chances of winning in our Grand Draw. Lots of irresistible prizes, including an Amazon Kindle and gift certificates, are up for grabs. 

So join now! 

If you're new to Reading Alley, just signup for a free account and you can instantly join in the Grand Opening events!

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