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The Butcher and the Beast by Sean Michael

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Pirate fantasies are fulfilled with this growly Sean Michaels book. Stephen is a proper gentleman who is a doctor. He scoffs at his fearful sister's worries about pirates circling their new island home. So to his chagrin, when he's captured by pirates and forced to heal the captain of the pirates, he realizes he should have heeded her warnings. John, the pirate Captain, is gleeful in his capture of a doctor who is both young and attractive. A devotee of manlove, John delights in the corruption of virginal Stephen.

The sex in here is as expected from a Mr. Michaels book. It's deliciously raw and filled with primal grunting. There is no pussy footing around here. There is only stalk and prey. Stephen's debauchery into taboo carnal pleasure is fun to witness. He protests as much as he likes, but it makes no difference because he loves the hard anal thrusting orgasms. His newly initiated hole cannot get enough of the pirate's punishing plundering.

The dialogue between the two characters are a bit wince-worthy. The world building is light. The character building is almost nonexistent. The chemistry between the two main characters is what makes this story fun to read. The constant denials and then lusty mating make for a good emotional tug-of-war. The ending is predictable with a happily ever after. Recommended for m/m readers who have pirate ravaging fantasies.

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