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Click (Suncoast Society, #17) @TymberDalton
Click by Tymber Dalton

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The Romance Review

Those yearning for more scenes with the kinky Suncoast Society community will enjoy this collection. In CLICK, many of the couples from the books in this series make a guest appearance. Whilst most of the tales are maledom in nature, there is also a femdom one with switch couple Abbey and Gilo.

Each one of these stories revolves around a simple concept--click. It could be click of a lock. It could be a moment in time for a profound epiphany. Each one of these stories is an intimate look into the erotic dynamic between two people. It does expand in a few cases to those who are outliers to the main couple. A couple of the moments are a little too intimate for me and I felt a bit uncomfortable witnessing something that should perhaps remain personal. And this is why Ms. Dalton excels as an author. She creates such realistic characters that it almost feels like I would know them if I met them at a club. There are two relationships exposed in this collection which moves me.

I first started reading Ms. Dalton because of Cardinal's Rule. This book broke my heart. I cried into half a box of tissue paper reading that story. It's a favourite of mine. It also explains so much about why Tilly is the way she is throughout each of the books. The scene here between Tilly and Cris is a long time coming. I started reading it with a bit of dread because of how annoyed I am with how Tilly treats Cris. It's as if she hasn't forgiven him and still constantly needles him. This story finally brings all the hurt to the surface to be addressed and start the process of healing. I loved it. That missing piece for Tilly is now filled. This makes me happy and my missing piece for them is now also filled.

Sir and his pup is the one that threw me. Full disclosure, I am an avid fan of Ms. Dalton. I read her blog several times a month. I am aware of her history and her lifestyle dynamic. I also don't recall a book in this series where there is a Sir or pup without any names associated to these titles. If this story with the two characters of Sir and his pup are who I think it is, I'm all mixed up inside. Why? Because I feel too many things after reading this story. I feel elated and honoured the story is shared. I feel confused and questioning if this is really a scene in their life. Lastly, I feel uncomfortable because if this is a real life scene exposed for all to see, it is a bit too intimate to be laid out so openly. I fear those who are not as loving fans as I am will take this very personal scene and twist it into something it is not. For me, it's real life complications of a poly N formation. It captures how loving and giving two people can be for each other and their respective spouses. It's also about how competing priorities make life complicated and sometimes, people get hurt. It's not a bad thing. It happens and those in this relationship make it work because they understand and support each other. Beautifully moving and perfect as the last story in this book. This is when I experienced my "click".

This collection is recommended to kinky readers who want more stories about the beloved characters in the Suncoast Society.

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