Review: Helena's Demon

Helena's Demon
Helena's Demon by Charisma Knight

My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Your own personal demon, how is this for a family tradition? Helena is the final female in a long line of witches cursed to never find love and tied to a demon. Helena's personal demon is Cyn. Cyn's twisted history with the line of Pearsalls is with his mother who struck a bargain with Helena's first ancestor to cause the curse.

Is there a prior book to this one? Because this book is a bit all over the place. It is as if the author sees the entire world but only gives out pieces. The pieces don't make a full picture and it leaves the reader feeling unsatisfied. The plot device of the story is pretty clear and laid up front in the beginning. It's what happens in current day which comes across clunky. There are certain secrets which neither Cyn nor Helena are privy to, even at the end. The reader is also left out in the cold, not quite sure what the end game will be. When certain pieces of information are revealed, it still leaves several questions unanswered. I can't say this story uses ex deus machina, but it comes close.

I would recommend a better weaving of the information into the story so it becomes a more natural progression to the conflict being resolved. I would also recommend more world building to give the story a better foundation. The characters are okay. They are simple with no character development or growth. That is fine if the story is plot driven which this story seems to be. Cyn seems to be both kind and sexy. Helena is a victim of her family's curse and she fulfills the prophecy unknowingly. Lastly, the flipping back and forth between Helena's past and present could use a bit more transition to make it smoother.

Overall, this story is a quick read with an uncomplicated plot and easy to understand characters. For those who enjoy demons exuding sexual appeal, this one does meet this criteria. The story ends with a cliffhanger. Hopefully this will be resolved in a follow up book. Recommended for paranormal romance lovers who like the bad boy demon with a heart.

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