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Hollywood Royalty
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Hollywood Royalty by T.S. McKinney

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

New adult lovers who want a little kinky play, this is the book for you.  Victoria Winstead is the only child of two famous movie stars.  She is young, melodramatic and impulsive.  Her world is filled with allies versus enemies.  If someone disses her mother, she will stab that person because she believes in an eye for an eye.

This book is not for me.  The characters bothered me.  The first person is too much for me.  It's not my preferred reading material.  I confess I nabbed the book because of the author name.  The blurb also came across as something of interest to me.  What I didn't expect was an indignant female whose inner thoughts were a constant justification of her poor decisions.  What really annoyed me is the writing style where the characters in the book are talking to the reader.  This is a personal preference and I don't like it.  I want to be sucked into a book as a voyeur.  I want to vicariously identify with one of the characters.  Because of how I like to experience a book, liking the characters will make a big impact on my book enjoyment. 

I do not want to be talked at with inane rationalizations of an emotionally hormonal female.  Victoria comes off exactly like a pampered princess who expects to receive what she wants.  The book spends time constantly trying to say how she is better than that and she's really not a pampered princess.  My thoughts - less talk girlie and more action. 

There are parts to this story where Victoria does shine.  Specifically when she's on stage in a scene which she realizes is not going the way it should.  Her caring character is demonstrated which is refreshing.  For me, if I have to be told by a character how they really are, then it is probably isn't true.  Because for me, actions speak louder than words.  It's the few times Victoria takes the high road which saves this book. 

Grayson Leman, I have only one word for him.  RUN.  Victoria is a high maintenance revenge motivated drama queen with self-control malfuctions.  A BDSM scene with her is not what I would recommend, if she is the top or dominant.  Regarding the BDSM, there is very little of it.  There are hints to it but no real delivery.  Still, without the BDSM bit, the story would have fallen apart.  Interesting how little BDSM is used in this story yet how crucial it is to tie the story together. 

Overall, the story is cohesive.  The characters are well defined.  The world building is fine.  This story reminds me of Mean Girls mixed with Clueless starring a teen Gwyneth Paltrow.  I can actually see this as a movie and it would be much better as a screenplay.  I'd watch it, not read it.  Recommended for New Adult readers who enjoy enemies to lovers theme.

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