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Master of No One by Tricia Owens

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When a race as a whole is supposed to only be alpha dominant males, how does this work? Aleksander is a shape-shifting Chimera who holds the dangerous position of "Poisoner". This is a hereditary job which he took over from his mother. This job does mess with the mind of the Poisoner. They become paranoid and seem to lose their mind. The way to keep their humanity is for a submissive human to ground them. This grounding helps a Chimera keep control over their human form.

This story could be just a kink fest of sexy ménage. It encompasses more as Ms. Owens includes betrayal, conspiracies and revenge. It is a good thing this is only the first book in the series because even though it is a good length story, there are many questions left unanswered. Just as the story's plot moves forward, the story comes to an end quickly. It feels like coitus interruptus.

The erotic power skirmish between a powerful being and an alpha human male is delicious. It could come across amusing. Instead, Kirk, Aleksander's second grounder generates erotic tension by challenging Aleksander over and over. When it becomes apparent that Aleksander may not be the sexual dominant in this triad, it's when the erotic scenes go into overdrive. Constance as the female submissive who loves to serve is now torn between two alpha males fighting over their piece of territory. This is well done and panty-wetting goodness.

This story could have gone three different ways. It could be an erotic ménage focused on the arousing BDSM elements. It could be paranormal with a plot driven focus. Instead, Ms. Owens decides to mix the kinky sex with a paranormal mystery plot. With this third option, there is a little bit too much going which makes this story's pace feel jarring. Instead of picking a main focus and weaving the secondary thread into a blended story, Ms. Owens alternates between the BDSM relationship and the plot against Aleksander. This is why some may feel the story starts out too slow and concludes too fast. Regardless, I liked all the characters, I loved the sex, and I enjoyed the intrigue. This paranormal erotica is recommended for kinky ménage lovers.

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