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A Master Trade by M. Garnet
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Family loyalty is the undoing of Margaret. She clings onto the only family member left--her younger cousin who gets into trouble more often than not. When his last stunt forces Margaret to do something unethical and illegal, it may be the last straw. Because the reckoning Margaret expects is not one of law. Instead, she is now under the thumb of her sexually dominant CEO, Brad Kanter.

This story could have been a tantalizing BDSM non-con with an abuse of power. This is a pretty hawt concept and a masturbatory fantasy for many. Surprisingly, Ms. Garnet goes with the romance side of it. This is done nicely as it shows BDSM in a positive light. It also shows how Brad is a dominant who doesn't need to force a woman to submit. He can seduce and entice purely on his kinky ways. The BDSM in this story is light with more emphasis on D/s. It's sweet and good for those who want to explore romantic kink with a rich male dominant. For those who are tired of billionaire dominants, this one is a good one. It's not about his money. It's about his chemistry with Margaret. The story doesn't revolve around Brad's wealth. It is an integral part of the story, just not the center of it.

The characters in this story are sweet. Margaret is the older sister/mother figure who is afraid of life. She tries to control everything in order to stay sane. This is understandable based on her childhood. What is good to see here is how a trigger could bring the BDSM aspect crashing down. How Brad handles this situation speaks well of his dominance. It demonstrates how dominants can make mistakes and also own up to it. It also exhibits how he is still in control even when events are chaotic. This kinky romance is recommended to those who enjoy a bit of protesting dub-con from the heroine when we all know she really likes it.

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Great review! Even though it's not a Domme story I think this sounds like one I might enjoy.

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