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Training Lil' Elise by Elsa Black

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Envy is thy sin.  Elise is one of the maids working at the secretive and elite club, Eden Institute. She's caused more harm than good with her pot stirring ways.  She makes the littles feel bad when she seduces their Daddy.  She also makes them feel bad when she caused them to feel humiliated for adjusting to the life of a little.  Elise's manipulative manner is caught by Nanny Prim several times and is never taken to task for it.  When Elise crosses the line one too many times, she's in for it.

Ms. Black is a fabulous new to me author.  Ageplay is easily misunderstood.  Ms. Black writes it just right.  She captures the desires and conflicts a little experiences when they are in their little mode.  She also showcases how easily it is to go from happy to humiliated.  This fetish is not for everyone and it's good to see how Ms. Black presents the careful selection of each of these littles.

The world building for this story is light.  Perhaps it is because I did not read the first book.  Reading this book as a standalone will be just fine.  The people indulging in this lifestyle come to a relatively safe haven to learn how to be a Daddy or little.  The trust required for this kind of relationship is mandatory and delicate.  The way this kinky consortium finds its littles is innovative.  It's giving people a second chance.

The punishments and sex scenes in this story are panty moistening goodness.  As an ageplay lover both in books and real life, this book makes me yearn for a Mommy and Daddy.  The characters in here are done so well.  No one is perfect and it's their individuality which makes them special and adored.  Max Brookshire is the kind of Daddy many littles would love to have.  He's a Daddy who does have a requirement for his little which is interesting.  It's a very fine line to what he is asking for and Ms. Black does a stellar job in creating a character who meets it.  With Max as a Daddy, Nanny Prim as the mother figure just makes this combination a dream come true.  For bisexual littles, having a Daddy and Mommy who love each other and their little one is their unicorn.  Love it!  Highly recommended to ageplay lovers who are in search of a perfect set.

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