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Baby's Got Bite (Take It Like a Vamp, #2)
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Baby's Got Bite by Candace Havens

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Weddings are the perfect time for the bridesmaids and groomsmen to hook up.  It's traditional for the maid of honour and the best man to enjoy a hot one night stand.  Sometimes, they even end up with a souvenir…nine months later.  Bennett is Casey's best friend and she is normally level-headed.  During Casey's wedding, she keeps making foolish mistakes which makes her cranky and unhospitable to uber sexy Linc.  Linc is amused  and manages to charm Bennett's panties off.

The long awaited sequel to Take It Like a Vamp finally arrives and it's a constant struggle.  Bennett is a character who does have some Daddy abandonment issues.  She's a quirky character who knows her mind and is fiercely independent.  She also seems to hate men a bit which makes it tough when she finds out she's pregnant.  With no trustworthy men in her life, she finds it hard to believe anything Linc says.  Since Linc is a famous fashion icon who has women hanging all over him, how could he possibly be faithful?  These two characters are coming from totally different worlds and when they find a mutual connection, it's the last thing they expected.  This causes for more turmoil and at one point, the drama in this story is just a bit too much for my tastes. 

I liked both characters because they are easily relatable.  They are the slightly flawed protagonists who do their best in life.  They try to do their best with the situation they are in and they are logical.  Bennett may have some baggage, but she's doesn't let it hold her back.  Linc's past is tragic and whilst he does remember the pain of it all, he doesn't use it as a senseless vendetta against all.  This balanced character creation gave both characters more depth and I became vested in their relationship and hoped it would workout despite all the obstacles. 

In addition to the engaging characters, the world building is better in this book compared to the first one.  For those who read this book first, it's fine as a standalone.  Ms. Havens spends more time explaining the different factions in the supernatural world as well as their complicated alliances.  This is important because it is the key to the conflict in the story.  This star-crossed lover trope works out well because neither Linc nor Bennett behave like the idiots Romeo and Juliet.  There is a bit of overly protective pushy alpha male as to be expected from a werewolf, but overall, there are few contrived miscommunication conflicts.  Plus, no one dies due to a failure to communicate!

The dialogue is trademark Ms. Havens with snarky comments from the female lead and witty comebacks from the male lead.  The story flows well with the right amount of erotic interlude and plot development.  Whilst it is predictable what would happen, the journey to the ending is worth it.  The main and secondary characters are not evil villains; there are only different sides to the story which can be explained.  It’s a bit sad why there is so much conflict between two types of supernaturals.  The ending does leave it open ended for another book.  Hopefully another book will provide more insight into this supernatural world. Overall, this is an enjoyable read with fun characters and droll dialogue.  This paranormal romance is recommended to those who like the star-crossed lovers theme.

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