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Black and White (Shifting Crossroads, #15)Black and White by Zenina Masters

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The Romance Review

The Shifting Crossroad series is addictive. In the latest installment, the readers are treated to a panda and a bearcat shifter. What exactly is a bearcat? It is also known as a binturong, which is a Southeast Asian mammal. It's hard to describe and best to see pictures of it on the internet. It sort of looks like an animal with a raccoon head without the mask and the body of a wolverine. The tail is long and plush like a cat but much thicker.

Tyanna is a panda who is sensitive to magic and also a bounty hunter. A fellow hunter is Alatas, a bearcat. The plot of the story reveals more details about kidnapped shifters. The horror of what the shifters go through is degrading. The darkness of this plot is balanced by the romantic element between Tyanna and Alatas. It's sweet and enjoyable to watch.

This story isn't complicated. The characters aren't even that complex. The world building is becoming more involved with new twists and reveals.

What pulls a reader back over and over again to this series is how Ms. Masters creates her shifters. Ms. Masters is an artist when she blends behaviours of a panda with a human. Some of the calming actions Tyanna uses are shown in panda form. It's this attention to detail and the little nuances which makes the story rich and enjoyable. The tidbit regarding varieties of bamboos and how Tyanna grows them and when she eats them is clever. The confessions with the worst thing for being a panda or bearcat will cause a reader to chuckle. All of this together makes Ms. Masters' Crossroad series a must read for me. I just can't stop after one.

Recommended for paranormal lovers who like innovative new shifters.

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