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Bronze Fox (Rifters #1)Bronze Fox by Diana  Green

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Fantasy lovers who enjoy shifters and magic, there is a new author in town.  Ms. Green is a new to me author and she's hooked me into her new series, The Rifters.  Tobias is a fox shifter fighting the good fight against those who want to enslave other worlds.  When he hires Etty as a cabbie, he finds a soul mate who is smart and filled with untrained magical abilities.

The world building in this story is good.  It captures a reader's attention.  It's not too complicated because multiple worlds is a familiar theme within the fantasy world.  Having a secret organization trying to police the travelers is also familiar so it is easy to follow the story.  This world is a mix of magic and the Victorian age which reminds me a little of Mercedes Lackey's Elemental Series.  With the added twist of traveling between different worlds, I want to learn more.  The descriptions in this book are vivid and it is easy to visualize the different places and indigenous population. 

From a character perspective, both Etty and Tobias are engaging.  I have to admit, for some reason, Tobias as a fox shifter keep reminding me of Japanese Kitsune, even though I realize Kitsune are generally females.  The interaction between Etty and Tobias is amusing at times.  The growing love interest between the two is sweet.  The amount of growth forced upon Etty is quicker than I expected in a the story.  It does make the book move at a faster pace.  When Etty learns more about Tobias, it helps her understand where he's coming from and why he's more of a rebel. What I found peculiar in this story is the secretive sentinels.  Some of the questions Etty brings up are good points and also makes me suspicious.  Ms. Green does a nice job of setting up for the next book in this series.  One can only hope the next one comes quickly as I'm captivated.   Recommended for paranormal romance readers who enjoy a mix of historical England and magic.

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