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Chains (Suncoast Society, #20)

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Chains by Tymber Dalton

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review
Running away is only a short term solution. Rebecca is living the life of a kinky gypsy as she travels the nation in her RV. She's selling her jewelry and enjoys a life without a postal code. She is her own boss and nothing could be better, except for her non-existent sex life. Rebecca is afraid of her ex-husband. Living a life where she's always on the move so that he can't find her is status quo. She sees nothing wrong with it. When a life-changing event occurs, she's forced to re-examine her lifestyle and make a difficult decision.

This story is a hard one for me. I liked the characters Rebecca, Toby and Logan. Toby and Logan are good guys. They do remind me too much of Sean and Max from The Crafty Bastards. Whilst Toby and Logan are sweethearts, I just didn't connect with them. Compared with Sean and Max, they are a bit too tame and mild. I also didn't connect as much with Rebecca, though the three together are a nice ménage. This is a softer, gentler book in many ways. Even though there is a psycho ex-husband, the intensity isn't there for me. The book doesn't move me. It pulls no emotions out of me because I don't care about Rebecca and her victimhood.

The story does turn around with Toby and Logan supporting Rebecca. It's this kinky community that quickly bond together and protect their own that makes the book a feel good one. It's an appealing and reassuring sentiment. The plot does flow predictably and the happily ever after for the triad does finally come around. The give and take between the characters in order to create a new life together is admirable. There are no compromises with losers in this deal. There are carefully negotiated changes to satisfy the needs of each character: Rebecca, Toby and Logan. Once again, Ms. Dalton presents the difficulties of a ménage and the effort it takes to make one work.

Recommended for kinky ménage readers who enjoy not one, but two white knights saving a damsel in distress.

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